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  1. Ciellix

    Raided while whole village was offline

    Our village was raided while no one was online, and i just refilled the core like an hour ago, so that should not be possible unless i have missed an update that allows offline raiding. also the cores hologram is still floating in mid air.
  2. Ciellix

    Chat Suggestion

    Add a way that we can have private village chats in game.
  3. Ciellix

    Ciellix's Intro

    Hello hows its going? I am Ciellix I am 18 I am from Canada Fave food: Fish of any kind really Fave drink: root beer or water or tea Fave color: Purple Fave hobby: uh hmm i don't really know Fave animal: Dogdos Years playing MC: uh i have been playing since alpha so yeeee a while.....