Fractured Craft Roadmap [January]


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January Road Map
First off, we'd like to thank every single one of you for participating in our launch yesterday (January 17th, 2020)! With the project, we'd like to keep you in the loop on where we are at using release notes and then also our road map and planned features for each month! With that being said, I must let you know, depending on development and circumstances out of our control, some items may not be released that's on this roadmap, but we're going to try our hardest to meet this every single month!

So without further or due, here is the Road Map for January!

  1. Add in Player Shops: Have the ability to open a shop on your land that is powered by your core, that will remain open until the core runs out of energy! So other players can stop on by and purchase things from you and your village!
  2. Add in Player Town Shops: Have the ability to place down a shop in a town, you will need to pay the town rental rate and select the amount of time you want to open your shop in the town! Once you logoff and 30 mins go by your shop it will disappear and you will need to rerent and replace your shop!
  3. A Trading System: Trade with other players by click on them, both players have to agree to the trade and once done it will take care of the rest
  4. Tweak the Elder Nights: So have you heard those sounds when the sun rises and sets? Well, that is the PvP changing state! During the day the souls of the land prevent PvP by lowering the damage you can do to another player, this is done by an ancient spell on the land to protect travelers during the day! But at night your weapons can do their top damage! We will be tweaking some aspects of the Day/Night system so it is easier for players to know when it switches!
  5. Player Energy: We will be adding in a player energy level, you can regain energy by taking it from your core, sleeping, eating or using some special items that we are working on! Once the player's energy is down you will do less damage and can not run.
  6. Teleportation Scrolls: Find scrolls and write them to TP you to a certain town or your core! Sell them to other players, use them your self, or give them to other members of your village! Take a scroll to the librarian in one of the towns to learn the location permanently and use energy to TP around the world.
  7. Add in BAL TOP: See where you stand in the global economy of the server
  8. Add in LEVEL TOP: See where you stand with EXP on the server
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BLACK: Planned

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