Patch 1.11


Staff member
Hey all!

We hope you all are enjoying the server! We decided to release some updates early this week to help with general quality of life and work out some of the kinks. So, whats all changes? Well.. look below!

Shop Re-Work
First on the list is the shops. They've been a little bit clunky since we released, and didn't support qualities very well. We've gone ahead and fixed that! All qualities of items can be sold and bought from the general store. Enjoy!

Stuck Command
Its been a common problem of player's getting stuck in other's land due to not being able to build or jump out of holes or pitfalls. We've gone ahead and implemented the "/stuck" command. This command will teleport you to the closest town, but can only be used once every 30 minutes.

Combat and Village Changes
Several things have changed when it comes to raiding and combat. First and foremost, combat logging, we realize this has been an issue since release. As a result, we've implemented combat tags, if you log out before this tag expires you will die instantly.

Next up, when your village's energy is depleted is didn't really matter before. Now, when your energy reaches 0 players will be able to break blocks in your village. Better keep that hungry core fed!

A few changes have also been made when it comes to when players can raid a village. Most notably, players can no longer begin a raid when it is day time. We want to make sure player's feel safe during the day and can freely move about without punishment, we felt this would be the best solution for this. In addition, if no one of that village is online, the village can no longer be attacked. With this change as well, we've made it so your town is safe during the day.

Magical Compass
We've felt that player's were often getting lost when it came to quest objectives and where towns were located. As a solution, we've come up with the Magical Compass. This item allows you to locate important locations throughout the map. The compass will be given in the beginning quests, however, if you've completed those you can pick one up at the General Store.

Bank Notes
One of the biggest things we'd like to enable for you guys is the ability to do player trades, for now, we decided to add a system where you can create whats called a "Bank Note". Bank notes allow you to transfer money from you to another player. They can be created by going to the bank in any time and clicking "Withdraw a Bank Note". The money with be withdrawn from your bank balance, so make sure you deposit it first!